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The “UGLEPROM” Company is a part of large multifunctional holding which was established in 1992. Main distinctive features of all business directions of our companies are high quality standards of products, superior level of customer service, flexible pricing and active marketing policy for all products in our portfolio.

The production scale at its present view has been existing since 2010 in Ivanovo region. Over these years, we have been able to establish ourselves as a manufacturer of high-quality products and have acquired a reputation of a reliable partner, both among suppliers of raw materials and among our Customers.

At the present time our main Customers are metal manufacturing plants, as well as big wholesale and retail companies. In addition, we actively promote and offer our products to all main chain-stores.

Our main priorities are employment of the newest equipment and high technologies, caring for the environment, the highest level of qualification of our specialists, perfection and stability in quality of produced goods and constant striving for up-to-dating and developing of our business.


  • Birch charcoal 3 kg packs

    Charcoal of birch peeler core which is packed in triplex paper bag in 3 kg.
  • Birch charcoal 5 kg packs

    Charcoal of birch peeler core which is packed in triplex paper bag in 5 kg.
  • Birch charcoal 10 kg packs

    Charcoal of birch peeler core which is packed in triplex paper bag in 10 kg.

According to your wants product could be packed in any kind of packaging with variable weight.


Own Production

Our key advantage as for the Supplier of this high quality Product – we are the owners of the production scale in Ivanovo region. And its capacities give us opportunity to meet the demand of all our Customers. Direct contracts with woodworking plants and lumber companies are the key factors which allow having permanent stock of raw materials for the further processing at our production scales.

Fast Delivery

Our own warehouses are situated in Moscow region, and some additional warehousing spaces are available in Lipetsk, Krasnodar, Ryazan and Vilnius. It gives us an opportunity to supply any region of Russian Federation with our products in a short-term period as well as to organize deliveries for export.

Competitive Pricing

Flexible pricing policy, progressive discount system for our long-term Customers as well as strong marketing activity – all this is permanently offered to our Customers!


Charcoal produced of birch peeler core maintains smooth burning, long-term heat and high heat output, what gives high-quality cooking conditions.

We are waiting for cooperation with you!


If your are interested in supplies of high quality charcoal from the production directly - please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to give you a price-offer the soonest.

You can ask any question regarding our product, delivery terms and conditions, just indicate the type of communication with you and our manager will contact you and give full requested information.


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"Ugleprom" LLC

Address of the production site: Russian Federation, Ivanovo region, Northwesterly to Novo Talici, built 2B.

Address of warehouse: Russian Federation, Moscow region, Leninskiy area, Gorki Leninskie, Pugovitchino industrial area, built 4

Phone: +7 (495) 367-12-04

Email: info@ugleprom.com