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Charcoal has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its unique properties have long been known and, due to increasing concerns about the environment, it is being used more widely, displacing bituminous coal, firewood, and peat. The value of charcoal is undisputed. It is impossible to imagine eating outdoors today without thinking about the delicious smell of grilled meat. Aside from its use in households and restaurants, charcoal is widely used in metallurgy, the production of chemicals, radio electronics, healthcare, and agriculture.

Commercial and industrial company Ugleprom has been operating in the Russian charcoal market since 2010. During this time, we have proved the high quality of our products and acquired a reputation of a reliable partner both among suppliers of raw materials and among buyers. Our production facilities are located in the Ivanovo Region and occupy an area of over 15,000 sq. m. We have direct contracts with wood processing plants and logging companies, which guarantees us a constant supply of raw materials. In 2019, we completely upgraded the equipment at our production site and installed four one-of-a-kind furnaces, which are the only ones of their kind in Russia and have a number of competitive advantages.

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Currently, we work with many Russian companies that produce rare metals as well as restaurant networks. We are actively developing the export of our products to the EU. We produce both branded goods and goods with private labels. We offer different packing options:

  • 2-3 kg bag,
  • 5-6 kg bag,
  • 8-10 kg bag.

We offer a premium grade charcoal

This type of charcoal is much larger than normal (70-120 mm) and is picked manually to ensure the size meets the requirements. Its size and specifications are ideal for ceramic grills. Our main clients include large foreign companies including manufacturers of ceramic grills and associated accessories. We produce both branded goods and goods with private labels.

Our partners


Competitive Pricing

Flexible pricing policy, progressive discount system for our long-term Customers as well as strong marketing activity – all this is permanently offered to our Customers!

Fast Delivery

Our own warehouses are situated in Moscow region, and some additional warehousing spaces are available in Lipetsk, Krasnodar, Ryazan and Vilnius. It gives us an opportunity to supply any region of Russian Federation with our products in a short-term period as well as to organize deliveries for export.

Quality & Safety

Trees – are the lungs of our planet and we can guarantee that all raw materials for our production are made not of cut trees but of birch peeler core – remains of wooden material, which appears after wood processing of plywood.

The main phase of wood transformation into a coal is decomposition by heat what makes resin and other repugnant substances to appear. Thus, the finished product is environmentally friendly, it is not releasing any chemical and harmful substances during combustion, and it is absolutely safe for humans.

Below you can find main but not the only competitive advantages of our high-quality charcoal:

  • coarse fraction;
  • no damage while transportation;
  • no coal-dust;
  • high heat-output;
  • non-spontaneously combustible;
  • no high flames and low smoke while burning process.

Modern Technological Production

Our furnaces have the following unique features.

The furnaces operate using an automated control system that fully monitors operating modes and temperature, reducing the number of human errors.

The furnaces are equipped with a two-stage pre-drying set meaning raw material with moisture content over 25% can be turned into charcoal. This set can reduce the moisture content in the feedstock by 30-40%.

Metal containers with cavities in the sides and at the bottom are used to stabilize the charcoal. Charcoal extinguishers (metal boxes) are used for unloading and cooling. The use of these elements combined prevents the coal self-ignition at the production site.

Our furnaces can produce charcoal in accordance with custom client specifications (carbon content, humidity, etc.).

The furnaces meet all environmental standards and are completely environmentally safe.

Our packaging line is fully avtomated.

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    If your are interested in supplies of high quality charcoal from the production directly - please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to give you a price-offer the soonest.

    You can ask any question regarding our product, delivery terms and conditions, just indicate the type of communication with you and our manager will contact you and give full requested information.

    Latest news


    Expansion of production and invitation to cooperation

    In April 2021, we expanded our production site in the Ivanovo Region.

    A kiln of our own production

    Ugleprom LLC started testing a charcoal kiln of its own production.

    Contact information

    "Ugleprom" LLC

    Address of the Ivanovo production site: Russian Federation, Ivanovo region, Northwesterly to Novo Talici, built 2B.

    Address of the Moscow production site: Russian Federation, Moscow region, Leninskiy area, Gorki Leninskie, Pugovitchino industrial area, built 4

    Phones: +7 (495) 367-12-04, +7 (962) 356-47-86